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As I reflect back on my life I recognise the importance that I’ve attached to my own ongoing personal development. Apart from the lessons that life constantly throws me, even though I sometimes drop them before I can get them, I’ve experienced many different modalities for emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

I went to California to learn Timeline Therapy with Tad James who showed me a simple way to clear a lifetime’s worth of negative emotions. I met hypnotist Paul McKenna on a chat show who opened my eyes to the transformative world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am blessed to have learned from the amazing David Shepherd who is an absolute master in this field. I studied Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson and learned that unless we heal our younger selves then we continually hamstring our own potential for happiness.

I became a devotee of energy and became a Reiki Master and Energy for Life Practitioner as I learned that moving energy was the quickest way to create the conditions for healing. I’ve learned how to read a book in less than 5 minutes (Quantum Reading), Mind Mapping and where to tap on my body to release fear and anxiety in minutes. I’ve sat in a Psychic Circle with Paul Wayman for two years to develop my sensory awareness and worked with healers from all over the world. (Shout out to Les Greve and Janete-Sumner-Rivers.) I’ve swallowed sacred bananas to unleash my inner femininity, walked on burning coals (never again!), broken arrows on my throat and moved objects with the power of my mind. It feels I’ve experienced a lot of stuff!

Why am I telling you all this?

I wanted to give you a context for a simple daily ritual that for me is the most powerful way to achieve sustainable long-term health and positive thinking. Last year I met an extraordinary man – Will Williams who has devoted his life to helping others achieve more balance and harmony in every aspect of their lives. He has spent years in India studying Vedic Meditation and is one of the world’s top teachers in this field. For years I had struggled with meditation finding it impossible to still and quieten my busy mind. Meditation was something that I intuitively knew would help me but I lacked the patience and the temperament to actually do it!

One of my clients, recommended Will Williams and having witnessed the transformation in my client I enrolled onto Will’s meditation for beginner’s course. The thought of meditating for 20 minutes each day filled me with horror – how the hell was that going to happen? In the space of just four days – my entire world was transformed as I discovered the power and restorative effects gained from Vedic meditation. I thought it might be useful to share my own experiences of what changes occurred for me with the intention that you will give this tool serious consideration.

How I’ve benefited from Vedic Meditation:

  • The quality of my sleep has improved. I now awaken each morning feeling nourished, renewed and refreshed. I used to wake up several times in the night and feel exhausted by morning.
  • I feel calmer and more relaxed about life. Even when I’m dealing with some big challenges I feel calm, at peace and more in control of everything. I feel empowered and emotionally resilient.
  • Even though I haven’t been consciously dieting, in six months I have lost 10 pounds without trying. This is a MASSIVE benefit because for years I have struggled with maintaining a reasonable weight. I think thereupon for losing weight is that I’ve become more aware of the impact that different foods have on my body. I no longer want to eat processed foods or sugar.
  • I’ve completely stopped drinking alcohol. This is a miracle because last year I was a serious contender for The Prosecco Queen!!! Strangely I have lost all desire to drink and I feel so much better for it. I recognise that alcohol had been suppressing my energy and muting my ability to really connect with life.
  • For years I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. Often I would get these at around four o’clock in the morning. I’m truly amazed to say that I very rarely feel fearful or anxious these days. If I do then it’s because there is a good reason and my fear is completely appropriate for the situation.
  • I look better and my wrinkles have softened. This is SUCH a bonus! Everyone I meet these days keeps telling me how well I look. Apparently when you meditate you release some hormone that causes your skin to look radiant. It’s better than any moisturiser you can buy! These days I’m wearing very little make up because I don’t feel the need to cover up or add to who I am. This in turn has really boosted my confidence and I feel so much younger than my age suggests.
  • My ability to solve problems has increased. I find it easy these days to detach from a problem and I can see a myriad of ways that can resolve each problem. It’s if my mind has expanding and in doing so my thinking and awareness of possibilities has increased.
  • I have greater clarity about what I want in life. I find it easier to make decisions in the knowledge that I’m now aware of what is aligned with me and what is not. I trust my intuition and instincts these days and as a result I feel that the true and authentic me has become more dominant.

Vedic Meditation may not be a ‘quick fix’ but if you commit to incorporating it now into your daily life then with time and dedication you too will notice extraordinary changes that cause your life to feel easier, happier and more balanced. I never recommend anyone or anything that I don’t passionately believe in and know that Vedic Meditation is life changing.

If you want to know more about the course that I attended then take a look at this link – I hope you decide to embark upon this journey with me.

Beginners Meditation Course


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