The Charisma Experience

The Charisma Experience was a two-day event designed to give senior learning and development stakeholders from FTSE 200 Companies the opportunity to experience the techniques used within The Charisma Model Programme, and evaluate the alignment between the approach used and organisational fit. The event was attended by individuals from the following organisations:

Mayer Brown LLP, MD2MD, Mediacom, Molson Coors, Polypipe PLC, Ricardo UK, Siemens PLC, Solicitors Regulation Authority / Law Society, Specsavers Optical Group, UBS AG and Waitrose

What we did
The event incorporated all of the components of our full in-house Charisma Model Programme, differing in just two ways. Firstly the two workshop days were held back-to-back instead of at the two to four week intervals that we recommend on the in-house programme. The other notable difference was that the Charisma Experience included a 30 minute ‘taster’ of our 1-to-1 Releasing Resistance Sessions, compared to the 2 x 90 minute sessions incorporated into the full in-house programme. Pre and Post event surveys were completed by all attendees.




  • Self-assessment surveys showed uplifts across all 15 KPIs, including:
  • ‘Perception of negativity at work’ and ‘Stress Levels’ reduced by 27% and 25% respectively
  • ‘Ability to inspire others’ improved by 21%
  • ‘Sense of security at work’ increased by 15%
  • ‘Handling difficult people/situations’, ‘Energy levels’ and ‘How well do others trust you’ all increased by 15%
  • ‘Equipped to support others through organizational change’ improved by 13%
  • Increases were reported for all 6 positive emotions identified, and in all a total of 11 out of 14 negative emotions recorded a double-digit reduction, including:
    • Feeling ‘Content’, ‘Empowered’ and ‘Enthusiastic’ all increased by 19-20%
    • Feeling ‘Frustrated’, ‘Overwhelmed’, Worried and ‘Powerless’ all reduced by between 28% and 19%

Qualitative Feedback
In addition to their self-assessment ratings attendees were asked for feedback around the value of the programme. In keeping with the integrity of The Charisma Model Programme, all individual results and feedback remain confidential. Comments from the group included:

“A fascinating and enjoyable experience, and has opened my eyes to what can be achieved through charisma, particularly through developing self-esteem and personal drive.”

“Stronger feeling that it is within my control to work towards making the changes I seek.”

“I am more willing to take a risk than I was before.”

“I was surprised by the overwhelming participation from everyone.”

“Despite the difficult changes that we are going through, I still remain engaged….I am reacting differently than how I would have done in the past”

“The session (with Corah) was deep and gave me something to really reflect on”

“I have started questioning more deeply in interviews / meetings to draw out the feelings in others – certainly have been more aware of how others are feeling”

“I am more forgiving of myself if I make mistakes.”

“It was a very powerful experience that has made me reappraise some areas of my life.”

“I feel more committed, motivated, and wanting to make a difference”

“It coincided with a time where I had some issues that I was/am working through and it has given me some tools to be able to approach them in new ways.”

“I have a much more positive attitude and feel motivated to do a good job. I feel content with life and happy – I have a better awareness of my inner strength.”

“I have no doubt that there is something in the Charisma approach.”

“More positive level of engagement overall”

“I came away feeling very much more capable than the day I went in.”

“More in control. Confident I am as capable as others around me”.

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