Special Announcement

I have devoted over thirty years to the study of charisma. Since my charisma model was launched in 2008 I have continually measured, tested and evolved my charisma programmes to prove that charisma increases leadership effectiveness that impacts on the bottom line.

I am delighted to announce that I have appointed Full Potential Group as exclusive licensees for The Charisma Connection Programme who have a passion for unlocking the talent within to accelerate business growth. Full Potential Group specialises in high-impact leadership development, team performance and coaching which creates business growth by unlocking the talent within. They have developed over 300,000 people in over 1,000 organisations, including companies such as Nationwide, Tesco, Heinz, United Utilities and Diabetes UK.  They have an enthusiastic team who are committed to delivery and operational excellence.

Carole Gaskell who founded Full Potential Group in 1997 is an authentic and charismatic woman who has a natural affinity with my approach.

“I’m really excited to be launching our exclusive charisma programme to existing and new corporate clients. It’s a great addition to our services and we had a fantastic response to pilot taster sessions. As leadership experts, we know that employee engagement by its very nature is an emotional reaction.  You can’t simply engage a workforce with processes and measurement tools. If employees feel disconnected from their boss they’ll build walls of protection around them.  It’s only when people feel safe will an emotional connection start to happen between the leader and employees – this is where authentic charisma leadership can really unlock the door to more effective engagement and is the easiest way to navigate employees through uncertain times.”

I believe that The Charisma Connection is now an exciting and credible business proposition. If you are looking at ways to improve leadership effectiveness please join us on Thursday 5th October for a thought-provoking, transformative business breakfast in Central London.

I have evolved my weekly charisma insights newsletter into a fortnightly newsletter that will incorporate your feedback and suggestions. I know that many of you have followed me for a number of years and I really value our connection.

I hope that your Summer has been rejuvenating and restful.

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