Registered Charity

“My positivity and confidence has grown in hugely; immeasurable amounts of change which has been liberating, and has increased my personal impact and confidence.”
Operations and Service Manager

Our client is a charity providing single, homeless 14-21 year olds with a safe, secure place to live, along with support and guidance helping them to rebuild their lives and work towards a brighter future.

Significant reductions in Government funding meant that difficult decisions involving staffing levels and individual remuneration had been made. Engagement and morale was extremely low. Our client recognised that, for their future survival, they would need to win new and additional business, often against far better funded and experienced competition. Rebuilding the engagement, empowerment, passion and trust of their employees was seen as crucial to their on-going success.

Having firstly agreed a fee reflecting our desire to support a cause which resonated deeply with us (moving young people from survival to growth), in February 2013 our client arranged a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session so that interested individuals would be able to find out more about our approach. An initial group of 12 people were selected to attend our programme during March. For the first time for us, many of the attendees came from client facing, support worker, roles, and Impressive results were achieved for the group.



Self -assessment survey results showed uplifts across 13 / 15 KPIs, including:

  • ‘Sense of security at work’ increased by 16%.
  • ‘Equipped to support others through organiza4onal change’ improved by 13%
  • ‘Alignment between your values and beliefs and the organisation’s core values’ increased
    by 13%, as did ‘Respected and valued by The Organisation’.
  • “Your confidence and self-belief to make a difference’, ‘ Trust in The Organisation’ and
  • ‘Ability to inspire others’ all achieved 10% + increase.
  • ‘My stress levels‘ reduced by 18% and ‘Amount of negativity at work’ went down by 12%,

The group were asked to provide scores relating to the frequency in which they experienced 20 different emotions in the workplace. Across the 6 ‘Positive’ emotions identified increases were recorded across the group, with feeling ‘Empowered’ and ‘Optimistic’ top scoring with 17% uplifts. Reduced levels of Negative emotions were recorded across all 14 categories.

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