Breakthrough to Authentic Leadership

A radical one-to one programme that transforms leadership capability within three hours.

“A complete transformation.”
Tara Mullen, VP Affinion International

Whether you are an experienced leader or new to the leadership role you may feel driven to raise your game and exploit your full potential. The current challenges within your organisation may have placed additional burdens on your productivity that feel stressful at times. Perhaps you sense that something within you is blocking you from operating at the top of your game.

In the last decade Nikki Owen, Authentic Charisma Expert and Corah Clark, Transpersonal Psychotherapist have pioneered a process to improve leadership performance. Between them they have worked with over 2500 business leaders on a one-to-one basis transforming attitudes, behaviours and productivity. Fully aware that leaders are time poor they have created a transformational and sustainable process that takes just three hours.

“Profound and life-changing.”
Nick Alvarez, Operations Manager, Siemens

Breakthrough to Authentic Leadership works mainly with your unconscious mind because leadership capability can sometimes remain static because of unresolved experiences. By working at this depth the leader experiences a profound and sustainable transformation that immediately impacts on their performance including:

  • Feeling calmer due to a reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Higher levels of emotional intelligence
  • Increased energy that boosts efficiency and productivity
  • More authentic and open in communication
  • Enhanced creative thinking for superior problem solving faculty
  • Deeper awareness of self and others that strengthens relationships
  • More effective when leading and managing change

These two sessions are delivered on Skype and include a pre-session video tutorial.
To find out more or to book a chemistry call with either Corah Clark or Nikki Owen
contact or phone: +44 (0) 1628 488990

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