The Charisma Model

The Charisma Model recognises that a growth mindset creates a collaborative culture and high performing teams. It defines the process that helps leaders:

  • Adapt their  style to employees operating from a survival mindset
  • Create a safe environment to build trust and connectivity
  • Develop energy from the ‘inside out’ to power performance
  • Win the hearts and minds of employees

“A truly remarkable event. It affected me in a way that no other training event has ever done. It was truly inspirational and my personal and professional lives have benefited already.”
Elaine Coding, HR Manager, Personnel & Training, East Sussex County Council


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When you feel comfortable in your own skin you will possess more of your own compelling charisma.
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Your life right now is the sum of what you have believed in your past.
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Charismatic leaders find it easier to attract talent. Find out why by joining our FREE experience day.
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Listen to my interview with Management Issues and discover you don't have to shout or show off to be charismatic
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