Why charisma?

Charisma is a major factor to building engagement and high performing teams. According to Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne, charismatic leaders are happier, healthier and 68% more effective. Using empirical research from Nikki Owen’s 20 year charisma study, this one day workshop develops charismatic potential for high impact leadership.

Charisma is the ultimate attribute when influencing and inspiring others. Even if charisma can be taught, ( and many research papers indicate that you either have it or you don’t) the question is; what impact does charisma have on engagement?

Who is it for?

• Talent
• High potentials
• Emerging leaders
• Managers
• Team leaders

What’s covered?

• How to develop charisma to build engagement and high performance
• Neuro-science of charisma, energy and behaviour
• Heart centered connections to support a growth culture
• Managing silo mindsets to collaborative ones
• Harnessing energy to transform team behaviours
• Charismatic attributes – five essential pillars for improved presence
• Emotional contagion – the impact of a leader’s mood

Informal learning

Each leader receives:
• Charisma perception tool to assess charismatic potential
• 10 x hypno-meditations to boost authentic presence
• Copy of Nikki Owen’s latest book Charismatic to the Core



One day


Each Cohort includes a Results Survey questionnaire to compile a report that measures the impact of 12 KPIs


Delivered by

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“A truly remarkable event. It affected me in
a way that no other training event has ever done. It was truly inspirational and my personal and professional lives have benefited already.”

Elaine Coding,
HR Manager, Personnel & Training, East Sussex County Council




The Charisma Connection is based on The Charisma Model.

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