How authentic and charismatic are you? Your leaders? 

Charismatic leaders are 60% more effective 

Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. In 2014 the CBI confirmed that charismatic leaders outperform their non-charismatic peers by an average of 60%. Charismatic leaders build stronger relationships and higher engagement. They create a high performing culture that elevates morale and job satisfaction.

With unprecedented levels of change, flatter structures, the need to collaborate and achieve more with less, cascading authentic charisma across your organisation will build trust, boost performance, engagement and accelerate business growth.


Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme
These powerful one-to-one sessions are delivered by a team of charisma coaches who have been directly trained and accredited by Nikki Owen. Each one of the seven sessions (each session is 90 minutes) uses a unique experiential coaching process that directly impacts on the leader’s ability to feel comfortable with their own authenticity. Utilises accelerated learning tools, multi-sensory methods and blended processes that are at the frontiers of leadership development.

Resolves the following performance issues:

  • Low leadership impact
  • A survival rather than a growth mindset
  • Low levels of employee engagement
  • Weak performance and low productivity
  • Struggles to implement successful change
  • Silo versus collaborative mindset

This programme includes:

  • 7 x 90 minutes of one-to-one coaching with experienced charisma coach
  • Access to an online pathway to ensure immediate integration into the work environment
  • Coaching support and mentoring through the pathway
  • 360 feedback surveys to measure behavioural change and ROI
  • Charisma Perception Tool to measure authenticity and self-awareness
  • Informal learning resources developed by Nikki Owen

What’s covered in the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme?
Session 1
– Definition of authentic charisma, The Communication Process, Guiding Principles to accelerate the development of authentic charisma, exploration of leader’s own perceptions around charismatic potential.

Session 2 – The impact of energy on authenticity, engagement and charisma. Exploration of the factors that will a) build energy levels and b) drain energy levels. Introduction to unique way to monitor energy.

Session 3 – Introduction to cellular biology and why the operating mechanisms of cells impact upon performance. Exploration into survival or growth with process to enable employees to move into a high performing growth mindset.

Session 4 – Leadership impact and understanding of the contagious nature of a leader’s emotions on workforce morale. Introduction to The Big Apple Experiment. Process to build engagement that links to leadership perceptions.

Session 5 – Process to remove the psychological walls that block authentic charisma and creates internal and external resistance. Exploration to identify walls in employees and how to manage people who are operating from a survival mindset.

Session 6 – Introduction to The Charisma Model and how it links to the Charisma Perception Process completed during the first session. Experiential process to sense and feel each of the five internal attributes that determine charisma that uses a unique constellation exercise.

Session 7 – Managing State and sustaining authentic Charisma. Simple, quick and easy ways to continual evolve charisma and continue to demonstrate authenticity in action. Breathwork, mindfulness, meditation processes and grounding tools.

“I highly recommend to any organisation who has a forward-thinking leadership agenda.”
Jenifer Richmond, Group HR Director, National Express


The Charisma Connection Programme
This includes the range of charismatic principles and processes taught in the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme and is an Ideal format to cascade The Charisma Model throughout the organisation to all levels of  leaders, talent, high potentials and managers.

The Authentic Charisma Connection Programme delivers high impact development using a one-day workshop delivered by an accredited charisma specialist. Each delegate is given access to the online pathway and supports each other with a simple buddy system. This is a cost effective way to implement high impact leadership development that still delivers an impressive ROI.

This programme includes:

  • Attendance at a one-day workshop facilitated by accredited charisma specialist
  • Access to an online pathway to ensure immediate integration into the work environment
  • Buddy system support through the online pathway
  • 360 feedback surveys to measure behavioural change and ROI
  • Charisma Perception Tool to measure authenticity and self-awareness
  • Informal learning resources developed by Nikki Owen

“The Charisma Connection was rated as our highest leadership development intervention and described as life-changing.”
Terri Bailey, Director of Performance & Engagement, Virgin Holidays


Authenticity in Action – Charisma Masterclasses
We offer a range of masterclasses that introduce the guiding principles to authentic charisma and creates an immediate impact on presence, gravitas and personal impact. Delivered by one of our highly trained team of accredited charisma specialists who have an outstanding reputation for delivering powerful leadership interventions. Masterclass formats are available for:

  • Two hour sessions – lunch and learn
  • Half-day format
  • Full day format

“Powerful, energising with clear and exciting material. Evoked involvement from everyone to learn something different. Had a profound effect.”
Susie Williams, Franchise Project Controller, Orange


Keynotes and Talks with Nikki Owen
This is an opportunity to learn from Charisma Expert, Nikki Owen who has devoted over 30 years to the study of authentic charisma. Using her expertise in energy and sensory awareness Nikki’s talks are highly memorable and hold the real potential to create a powerful impact in a short space of time. Nikki works with all audience sizes.

Five years delivering leadership seminars at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (2008 – 2012) -Commentator for Aljazeera Television and The Sunday Tribune during UK election debates  (2010) – Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group – Executive Faculty at Henley Business School for International Business Leaders (2012) – Creator of The Big Apple Experiment (impact of leader’s mood on the bottom line) – Creator of The Charisma Model – Founder of The Charisma Connection – Charisma and Confidence Coach on Sky’s Kitchen Sink to Catwalk series (Bio Channel) – Internationally published autobiography – Nicola, A Second Chance to Live (16 countries) – Author of Charismatic to the Core – a fresh approach to authentic leadership (2015) – Finalist for New Speaker of the Year – Academy for Chief Executives (2014) – Best New Speaker – Vistage UK and Ireland (2013) – Finalist for Highest Impact Speaker Vistage UK and Ireland (2013) – Winner of London’s Speaker Factor by Professional Speaking Association (2012) – Rising Star – Academy for Chief Executives (2011) – Fellow Professional Speaking Association – Executive Faculty Youth Summer Leadership Programme – Cambridge Academy – Speaker at Future Leaders Programme.

“I was blown away by Nikki’s energy, perception and inspirational personality and the impact she created with our European Team Leaders.”
Niina Turunen, Global Service & Competence Manager, Shell International

“I engage the services of Tony Robbins, Allan Pease and Jack Canfield. Nikki Owen holds an audience spellbound, she is one of the most authentic and effective speakers I have seen.”
Niri S Patel, BNI India National Director


Breakthrough to Authentic Leadership Programme
A radical one-to-one programme that transforms leadership capability within three hours. (delivered on Skype). Working directly with Nikki Owen or Nikki’s own coach, Corah Clark. It works mainly with the unconscious mind and resolves unhelpful childhood programming that is impacting upon mindset and behaviour. This profound and intense programme will ensure that you:

  • Feeling calmer due to a reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Experience higher levels of emotional intelligence
  • Increase your energy to boost efficiency and productivity
  • Feel more authentic and open in your communication
  • Enhance your creative thinking for superior problem solving faculty
  • Deepen you self-awareness to strengthen relationships
  • Become more effective when leading and managing change

This programme includes:
Chemistry call – because of the depth and intensity of the process we offer leaders the opportunity to talk with either Nikki Owen or Corah Clark to check that the approach is suitable and aligned with what you want to achieve and resolve. They will explain the process more fully and answer any questions. This call is typically 30 minutes and ensures that you have sufficient information to proceed or not.

Pre-programme work – to fully optimise the impact of The Leadership Breakthrough Programme you will be sent a short video tutorial about the session approach. You will also be asked to complete your responses to three questions that will help to clarify what you want to work on. Typically these take between five to ten minutes to complete.

Session one – both of your sessions are delivered online via Skype or VSee and are 90 minutes in duration. The first session aims to identify and resolve the root cause of your issue.

Session two – will be scheduled two to four weeks later to allow time for the integration and alignment of changes created during the first session.

Post-programme sustainability – you will receive a short video tutorial containing five powerful self-care tools that enable you to sustain changes made.

“I have never been in a situation where it has had such a profound and dramatic life-changing experience.”
Nick Alvarez, Operations Director, Siemens


Full Potential Group specialises in high-impact leadership development, team performance and coaching which creates business growth by unlocking the talent within. We have developed over 300,000 people in over 1,000 organisations, including companies such as Nationwide, Tesco, Heinz, United Utilities and Diabetes UK. 

“The Charisma Connection Programme was rated as our highest leadership development intervention and described as life changing.”
Terri Bailey, former Director of Performance & Engagement, Virgin Holidays

Organisations involved in the testing phase of the Charisma Model achieved an average increase in revenue of 16% over 12 months. Self-confidence and self-belief increased by 29%, feeling respected and valued increased by 25%. 

For more information contact Full Potential Group who are exclusive UK licensees for The Charisma Connection
T: 01628 488990



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