How authentic and charismatic are you? Your leaders? 

According to Harvard Business Review, The University of Lausanne and the CBI, authentically charismatic leaders are 60% more effective.

Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. In 2014 the CBI confirmed that charismatic leaders outperform their non-charismatic peers by an average of 60%. Charismatic leaders build stronger relationships and higher engagement. They create a high performing culture that elevates morale and job satisfaction.

With unprecedented levels of change, flatter structures, the need to collaborate and achieve more with less, cascading authentic charisma across your organisation will build trust, boost performance, engagement and accelerate business growth.


When your organisation engages with us our range of customised development options all guarantee to deliver:

  • Higher levels of leadership impact
  • A sustained shift from a survival to a growth mindset
  • Improved resilience and mental toughness
  • Higher levels of employee engagement
  • Improved performance and increased productivity
  • Improved effectiveness with managing successful change
  • A belief that they are 100% responsible for their results.

“The Charisma Connection was rated as our highest leadership development intervention and described as life-changing.”
Terri Bailey, Director of Performance & Engagement, Virgin Holidays

  1. Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme – 4 x 90 minute one-to-one charisma coaching sessions supported by 360s, online resources and learning transfer tools.
  2. Authentic Charisma Workshop Programme – a one-day workshop supported by 360s, online resources and learning transfer tools.
  3. Authentic Charisma Lunch & Learn sessions – 90 minutes
  4. Authentic Charisma masterclasses – full day or half-day format
  5. Authentic Charisma Keynote with Nikki Owen, International Charisma Expert
  6. Breakthrough to Authentic Leadership – 2 x 90 minute sessions to remove unconscious blocks

“I highly recommend to any organisation who has a forward-thinking leadership agenda.”
Jenifer Richmond, Group HR Director, National Express

For more information or to arrange an initial consultation or a mini charisma experience please contact our Leadership Development Director, Carol Williams
T +44 (0) 1628 488990


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