The Palette of Authenticity – What colour are you?

I am continually seeking to understand the different factors that impact upon authentic charisma. This week I spent time with colour therapist, Mark Wentworth who shared the findings of his lifelong study into the effect that different colours have on our ability to express our core essence.

Many people do have some level of awareness that certain colours evoke certain behaviours; for example red stimulates action. Brown is very grounding. Blue is relaxing and calming. Yellow stimulates thinking and is the caffeine of colour. What is less evident is that each one of us has created a story for every colour. These personal stories impact upon our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I want to share some powerful insights that I gathered during my time with Mark that will enable you to feel more in tune with who you really are. Being authentic is much easier when we feel in a calm and relaxed state. Stress, a demanding job, juggling family, relationships, health and work will often conspire to snatch us away from who we really are and into an imitation of who we think we should be. Understanding the colour of our own authenticity helps to reconnect you into the highest version of you.

Like any new theory that sits at the frontiers of human development, the efficacy of the tools and techniques will only be realised if you experiment with using them. During my time with Mark I had a powerful and extreme experience of what certain colours do to emotions and why knowing your signature colour will unlock your authentic charisma.

Our unconscious mind is extremely powerful and over the years we have unwittingly formed emotional attachments to different colours. These attachments go way beyond the psychology of colour because they have been programmed based on our unique life experiences. If you have a love for the sea your unconscious mind may begin to associate love with the colour blue. If as a child you were punished by a teacher who was wearing a yellow dress you might have formed a fear of the colour yellow. Our unconscious programming creates a judgement about whether we like or dislike colours. Because colour is ever present in our lives we are being constantly triggered. When we start to appreciate the impact that different colours have on our emotions, we can then harness this wisdom to our full advantage.

When you start paying attention to your own colour preferences you’ll discover that certain colours tend to dominate your home or your wardrobe and some colours are noticeably absent.

Every colour plays an important role in the pallet of your life. When we wear a certain colour it affects us. The colour of the walls in our home will affect us. The colour of the food we eat affects us. To understand the impact that every colour has on you, take time to focus on a colour and pay attention to the emotions it evokes within you. If you have an adverse reaction to a colour then use the emotion to help you to access a memory when you first felt this emotion. By going into the emotion of a colour you can start to resolve issues from your past. By introducing more colours from the colours of the rainbow brings harmony, balance and joy.

So what is the colour of your true authentic self?

“Everything in life is vibration” according to mathematician and physicist, Albert Einstein. You and I are created from packets of pulsating energy that determines the frequency we transmit and receive information. Although we can’t see this energy everything has its own unique vibrational code including colour. If you ask a blind person they can feel the difference between colours. Numbers also have a vibrational frequency. Mark Wentworth has blended these two concepts and applied numerology to help people to identify the colour that best suits their true authentic self. Numerology is the universal language of numbers. By breaking down the patterns of the universe into numbers helps to gain information about life experiences. The most powerful number that is attached to you is your date of birth.

If you add the numbers of your birth date together you’ll discover your life path number that will indicate the colour of your true authentic self. Sounds random? I thought so to at first!

Here is how to do it. My birth date is 22 06 1960 so I add the numbers as follows:

2 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 26

I then add 2 + 6 = 8

Each of the following numbers has a corresponding colour so in this instance my core colour that will enable me to feel most authentic is rose.

1 red

2 orange

3 yellow

4 green

5 blue

6 indigo

7 violet

8 rose

9 gold

Before I rave about this or dismiss it I plan to put it to the test by introducing the colour rose into different aspects of my life. I shall be drinking rose wine, wearing pink underwear, buying pink roses and adding pink cushions to my sofa. Take a moment to calculate your own authentic colour and together let’s see what happens in the next 4 weeks.

Sometimes the craziest ideas cause the biggest moments of transformation in our lives and sometimes they don’t. Let me know how you get on!


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