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“I am more aware of myself in the workplace, and have far greater impact with people – loved every part of the course.”
Sales Director


Our client produces award-winning in-flight and travel-related magazines, with a portfolio that reaches hundreds of millions of travellers each year.


In order to build higher levels of engagement, they wished to change the management style of their sales leadership team:

To move away from a directive 1980s ‘driver style’ and generate a more empowering, consultative style
To reduce the fear of making wrong decisions
To create an atmosphere of innovation, creativity and ownership.

During September 2012, we delivered the Charisma Model programme for 13 sales leaders in their London offices. The Group Publishing Director, Sales Director and Head of Talent Development also attended.

Elements from the Charisma Model programme were subsequently delivered in their offices in Atlanta, New York and Singapore, and five attendees went on to become accredited Cultural Architects.

During their second year of working with the programme, our client introduced quarterly Refresh and Release sessions delivered by the Charisma team.



Before and after self-assessment survey results showed significant uplifts across 14/15 KPIs, with 10/15 achieving double-digit growth:

  • How well you trust others’ achieved 27% increase
  • ‘Stress levels’ reduced by 21%
  • ‘Self Confidence / Self Belief’ increased by 19%
  • ‘Your positive emotional reaction to change’ and ‘Your sense of security at work’ increased by 13% and 12% respectively
  • ‘Ability to inspire your team to perform at their best’ increased by 10%, as did ‘Equipped to support others through organisational change’

In addition, 6 out of 6 positive emotions improved, with 5 out of 6 achieving a double-digit increase.

Reduced levels were recorded for 10 out of 14 negative emotions, with Frustration reducing by 28%.

When observing attitudinal and behavioural change, group shared deep connections and collective perceptions that stimulated high levels of support and spontaneous coaching between each other. This meant that overall team performance was enhanced.

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