Why Charisma Brings Light into Organisational Shadows

I think I missed the memo that came out about life. I was under the illusion that life was supposed to be easy and if it wasn’t then you were doing something wrong. Strange how beliefs can throw you off track as you come to terms with the startling reality that there are no tracks!!

As the uncertainty monster grows stronger across the globe, organisations are either struggling to survive or finding new ways to thrive. Companies built on regimented principles that at some point in time worked flawless, now feel burdened by rigid, outmoded ways of operating.

Leaders are waking up to the importance of fluidity, flexibility and are looking for ways that will shine light into the murky shadows of under-performance. A place where energy has become stuck and engagement has been throttled by a need to control and maintain power.

Every moment is completely fresh and what worked in the past is no longer any guarantee for what will work in the future. Leadership needs to be fresh because in today’s economy it is a light touch, rather than a heavy hand that gently awakens the soul of an organisation.

Emotional intelligence, sensitivity, authenticity and kindness are becoming more important. Where there is uncertainty there will be fear, so a leader needs to create a feeling of safety that they can steer the ship through troubled waters.

Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. It is an attribute that lives within every one of us. The weight of responsibility and relentless pressure causes a hardening of our arteries and under stress we close down emotionally, and the light within us gets smothered with inauthenticity. When our light no longer shines brightly we unwittingly bring darkness into our organisation, blissfully unaware of the impact of our emotional state has on others. The veneer of superficiality sweeps through the organisation creating the illusion of competence.

We each have a responsibility to do whatever it takes to make our light shine as brightly as possible. The light of a single candle flame can illuminate an entire room. The more we learn to appreciate who we are and what we want encourages others to respond in a similar fashion. Being fully present at work, with our colleagues and with our customers energises them and ignites the light within in. Perceiving people through the eyes of compassion and understanding creates a cellular reaction that triggers cells to open and grow (Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief).

Fear, negativity, criticism, relentless pressure, rigidity and set ways of thinking deepen the shadow side of an organisation and creates a sense of futility and despair. We have become so used to these types of feelings that we’ve anaesthetised our emotions and now operate mainly inside our minds.

When you re-connect to your own authentic charisma you literally light up the seventy trillion cells in your body. You awaken your emotions and you become more mindful of the way your thoughts can play twister with your emotions. It takes courage to access your charisma because in order to let your unique essence shine you need to remove the superficial veneer. Suddenly you feel vulnerable and exposed because everyone can see who you really are rather than the version of you that you want to present to the world.


If you find yourself feeling gloriously brave and are ready to let the world see who you really are then you’ll experience a feeling of expansion that is contagious. You’ll no longer feel confined or restrained. You’ll feel a freedom in your thinking that transcends the ‘same old, same old’. You’ll notice a surge of energy and a sense that people are drawn to you because of your inner radiance.

What an incredible gift for your organisation and your colleagues. What an incredible gift for your family and friends. Above all what an incredible gift for yourself – the freedom to be who you truly are in the knowledge that you are magnificent.

Season’s greetings to you all.

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