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Vulnerability – an important facet to charisma

Many people I encounter in my day-to-day business activities often have a stereotypical perception that to be charismatic…

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Why charisma boosts creativity

The world has gone through a massive change in megatrends in the past five years that has a…

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Charismatic leadership – the quickest way to employee empowerment

With the challenges of Brexit, organisations are struggling to come to terms with uncertainty, lack of confidence over…

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Special Announcement

I have devoted over thirty years to the study of charisma. Since my charisma model was launched in…

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Aura Chakra Enlightenment Contemplation Meditation

Vedic Meditation – a powerful way to transform your life

As I reflect back on my life I recognise the importance that I’ve attached to my own ongoing…

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Are you a Master Manifester?

Within most organisations you’ll find a beautifully crafted vision, a statement of what they want to achieve and…

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Soothing uncertainty – why your organisation needs charismatic leadership

Whatever your view about charisma, the term can ignite a host of different emotional reactions. Some people find…

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Are you in flow?

There is a beautiful rhythm, a natural state of flow that is observed in Nature. Miraculously an acorn…

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What you need to know about manifesting your goals

When it comes to manifesting your goals there are a number of principles that will leverage your success….

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3 ways to access your charisma when networking

People in business often recognise the value of networking especially given that 83% of people do business with…

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LATEST insights from Nikki

IT Leaders – is charisma the fastest way to become the hero within your organisation?

IT departments have gone through a massive transformation in recent years. Their priority is no longer keeping computer…

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Feeling Emotional? – Lean into it!

Walk into most organisations and you notice that the majority of employees have learned to repress their emotions….

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When you are open to receiving then you are open to life itself. #open #life
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IT leaders hold a real power to help leverage and accelerate business success. #Accelerate #success
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Lean into your emotions - not away from them.
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Remove the unconscious barriers that are blocking an innate charismatic presence within you.
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