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Life Is A Cabaret!

My life has a rather surreal quality to it at the moment and many of my past actions…

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The Corruptive Power Of Thoughts

In my work I meet many interesting and compelling people. Working in the way I do with my…

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Game On Or Still Playing Like An Amateur?

After a glorious business trip to Nice followed by a few days simply enjoying the French Riviera Lifestyle,…

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Mural Art Wings Light

The Wings of Transformation

What a week! I am running a retreat with a wonderful group of business leaders in Nice, the…

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When Whispers Start To Shout Back

It has taken me a few years to recognise that any negative emotions people experience are not random…

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The Great Ambition – Now What?

Courage does not walk hand in hand with the absence of fear. As a little girl I used…

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Labour Leadership Contest And The Charisma Factor

The voting process for Labour’s leadership contest will close on the day that my book, Charismatic to the Core…

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The Survivor Tree – Three Ways To Transcend Negativity

Right now I’m 35,000 feet up in the air flying back from New York City after celebrating my…

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Water Christmas Reflection Slightly Candle Surreal

Three Powerful Ways To Silence Your Monkey Chatter

You are in bed after a hectic days work and feeling desperately tired. You want to go to…

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Charismatic To The Core – Are You Ready For This?

On Monday, a pallet of books arrived – a pallet of books – books requiring my signature. As…

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LATEST insights from Nikki

Charisma – sharing a common humanity

In business, the leaders that we recognise as being truly charismatic have the ability to walk that fine…

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Self-Sabotage or Self-Support?

As the echoes of Auld Lang Syne bid farewell to another eventful year our thoughts somersault into the…

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