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The Power of the Word – Graham Torrington Interview

  Tune into Nikki’s latest interview on The Late Graham Torrington Show and realise the effect your words can…

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BBC Radio 5 Live Interviews Nikki About Her Big Apple Experiment

In this lighthearted interview, journalists Rachel and Sam (stand in for Nicky Cambell) share their healthy scepticism!

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Jazz FM Business Breakfast – Charismatic to the Core

An extended interview from the Jazz FM Business Breakfast. A version of this was first broadcast on Friday…

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Channeling Audio

FREE Audio transcript of Deceased Leaders event In 2013 Nikki Owen ran an experiment based on Napoleon Hill’s…

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Charisma Meditation

Blending four powerful techniques into the ultimate way to develop charisma by directly programming your unconscious mind. CAUTION…

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LATEST insights from Nikki

Feeling Emotional? – Lean into it!

Walk into most organisations and you notice that the majority of employees have learned to repress their emotions….

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Authentic Charisma Coaching – Are You Ready for Something Totally Different?

“Change can happen in a moment.” Nikki Owen Charismatic leaders are 60% more effective according to research by…

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Lean into your emotions - not away from them.
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Remove the unconscious barriers that are blocking an innate charismatic presence within you.
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See how the truth of what we hold in our heart is projected into our external world.
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What is the colour of your true authentic self?
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