Case Study: Utilities Company

“The Charisma programme helped enormously with my changed role and I feel little concern or fear for the future as a result….. It has strengthened my ability to speak from the heart and to express what I really believe.”
Retail Business Plan Manager.


Our client supplies water and wastewater services to more than four million consumers, employs over 2000 people, and their customer Contact Centre answers thousands of phone calls each day. They recognise the importance of the role played by their staff in driving forward the company’s performance and have increased their investment in training to reflect this.

In May 2012, the company identified that they had a problem with employee engagement. They set specific objectives to re-build a sense of job security and trust in the organisation, address the ‘silo mentality’ that had developed, empower and engage the extended leadership team, and increase energy levels and productivity within the Contact Centre.

In July 2012, we conducted an initial pilot with a ‘soft’ audience from HR Department. The results were so exceptional that the decision was made to pilot with a volunteer group of senior managers in November and December 2012. Similarly impressive results from this second pilot resulted in the Charisma Model programme receiving Board approval for implementation across the organisation’s population of 250 leaders, managers, talent and high potentials during 2013.

The Board also sanctioned an ongoing and accelerated programme to develop a robust in-house team of Cultural Architects, Advanced Cultural Architects and Charisma Trainers. First, to support and sustain the positive changes bought about by the programme, and then to roll out the programme, under license, to a wider audience in 2014 and beyond.



Collective results taken across the two pilot programmes showed significant uplifts across all 15 KPI measurements. An improvement in group scores in excess of 20% were recorded in 8/15 (53% of Indicators), with 14/15 achieving double-digit growth.

Notable improvements were attained in the following areas:

  • ‘Ability to inspire others’ showed the highest increase of 31%, to a collective score of 4.48 (5 being ‘Very High’).
  • ‘Equipped to support others through organisational change’ showed a marked improvement of 27%, with 94.7% of respondents recording an increase in this category.
  • ‘Ability to connect and engage others’ was joint third highest mover along with ‘Respected and valued by The Organisation’, both showing 23% uplifts.
  • ‘Amount of negativity at work’ and ‘Your stress levels’ reduced by 21% and 20% respectively.

In addition, the group was asked to provide before and after scores relating to the frequency with which they experienced 20 different emotions in the workplace.

Across the 6 ‘Positive’ emotions, significant increases were recorded, and feeling ‘Empowered’ was top scoring with a 25% uplift. Reduced levels of negative emotions were recorded across all 14 categories, with the instances of feeling ‘Frustrated’, ‘Overwhelmed’, ‘Stressed’, ‘Bored’ and ‘Worried’ all reducing by 20% or more.

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