How Authentic Charisma Can Help You Lead

By Jackie Haywood, Accredited Authentic Charisma Coach

“Be yourself, everybody else is taken.” This brilliant Oscar Wilde quote resonates with me because so many of us feel we need to wear a professional mask when we work. But do we really need to? I’ve been on a learning journey with the inspirational coach, Nikki Owen, who teaches the Accredited Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme. I have recently been accredited and wanted to share what I learned.

I am an experienced coach and have worked with clients for many years but I always I like to learn new tools to help clients deepen their awareness of themselves and expand their potential. This course resonated with me because I know how important charisma and authenticity is for many people and the organisations they work for.

The Authentic Charisma Coaching programme is remarkable because of the speed at which transformation happens. I watched others on the course transform rapidly and experienced it myself. It is not for the faint-hearted, the coaching is focused on bringing the real you to your work, your life and the people around you every single day. How often do we hide behind the masks we create? We often develop personas that we think create success or ones that we think that others need to see and hear. But when we do so, we are less impactful.

Following 30 years of research and testing, Nikki’s Charisma Model provides five key attributes: energy, sensory awareness, driving force, self-esteem, and vision. When you work in these areas, you find yourself being even more authentic, using these modes as a guide. In turn, the authenticity boosts your natural charisma, and people are drawn to your energy.

When I think of charismatic, authentic people, I realise they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are introverts, and others are extroverts. They are all unique and have their own strengths. How refreshing to know that we can be more charismatic by simply being ourselves. If you want to explore your full potential and learn how to develop authentic charisma, a programme of coaching sessions could help.

Here’s what to expect:


If you are looking to expand your potential and make changes, then you need to go beyond the conscious mind and access the unconscious mind. When we start to notice the unconscious thoughts we have, we can change the view we have of a person or situation. By altering our thoughts, we can literally change our lives and those around us.


Once you start coaching, you will learn new ways of handling life and the challenges you face. Be prepared for some totally new ways of working! The tools are ground-breaking and include meditation, dousing, breathing techniques, and an amazing communication model. They will stay with you beyond the coaching sessions, and have the power to transform you and your leadership style.


  • Senior leaders
  • High potentials stepping into more prominent roles
  • People who feel they are wearing masks and want to step out and be more authentic.

To find out more about the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme for you or your organisation you can book a discovery call with Jackie, just email Jackie@haywooddevelopment or call 07952 931594.

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How Authentic Charisma Can Help You Lead

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