Are you in flow?

There is a beautiful rhythm, a natural state of flow that is observed in Nature. Miraculously an acorn knows just what to do to grow into a large oak tree. Birds know intuitively where to build their nests and how to search for food to feed the multitude of open beaks. Flowers who flourish in the sunshine know how to reach out from the shade and are able to turn themselves towards the warmth.

We each have a natural body clock that wakes us up as the sun rises and slows down our digestive system as the sun sets. If we listen to our body we know intuitively what foods to eat and what foods to reject. In the days before Christianity arrived onto our shores, our ancestors knew which plants would heal different illnesses. Moving energy was seen as the ultimate method of healing and the human existence honoured the majesty of Nature.

As our species has evolved over zillions of years, automation, artificial intelligence, processed food and packaged entertainment has plucked us out of our natural habitat. In pursuing advancement and progress we have forgotten how to find the stillness within. It’s impossible to be at one with Nature in the noise of relentless busyness.

We have become fixated about what is good versus bad, right versus wrong, that we struggle to allow the beauty around us to carry us forward. We set goals, visualise that which we desire and exert vast amounts of effort to pressurise our mind to achieve, attain and acquire. We are often blinded by ‘the bleeding obvious’ because of what we have become fixated upon. We lose our innate ability to operate with fluidity and grace. We start to crunch numbers, analyse the stats, project, plan and ‘proceduralise’. We no longer resonate with the natural ebb and flow of life when we move effortlessly into the flow of where we are being guided to go. Instead we swim against the tide of our life. We waste energy in resisting any deviation that calls us away from our path to gold/happiness/success/contentment.

So life becomes hard work.

We become weighed down by all the relentless pressure and our breathing shifts into shallow gasps that means we survive rather than thrive. We rely on willpower, self-discipline, punishing schedules and routine to get us to where we want to go.

BUT… doesn’t really work!

So what do you do? How can you change the way you respond to life regardless of what happens?

You simply go with the flow of course!

This means adopting an attitude of flexibility and a mind-set that it truly open to whatever comes your way. It means living life in the moment and allowing your heart and emotions to guide your next steps. Going with the flow means stopping all that over-thinking and appreciating that whatever happens is perfect for your own evolution.

In the past whenever things haven’t worked out as I wanted them to, (and there have been numerous occasions), I’ve had an expression that really helps me to stay in a state of flow: the Universe is paving the way for something better to arrive!

The more you stop resisting, the easier life becomes. If you find moments during your day when you feel the stillness within, a sense of peace washes over you like a gentle wave. The vibration of Nature allows the cycle of life to evolve – every winter paves the way for spring. When you are attuned to the stillness within you and allow your awareness to turn inwards you realise that simply being rather than the relentless doing, creates a sensation that living is effortless.

If something feels too much like hard work then you are resisting the state of flow. If you find yourself in a never-ending loop of struggle then you are resisting the state of flow. If you feel disappointed with your lack of achievements then you are resisting the state of flow. Being in flow means living your life in the easiest and most wonderful way.

To live your life in flow, take a pause and reconnect with the stillness within you now. You’ll reset your perceptions which of course resets your entire life.

When you are ‘in flow’ then you relax, emotionally, physically and spiritually. As your tension dissolves, you become more open, you become more flexible. You adapt, bend, yield and ultimately move with the vibration in play at that moment. The wind becomes your chariot, the sun provides your sustenance and the power of the ocean becomes yours. The enduring strength of the mountains wants to support you and the endless fields of possibilities allows you to sow and reap what is truly aligned with who you really are inside.

When life throws up one of her challenges, smile with a big toothy grin and shout at the top of your voice “It is what it is! Thank you Universe.”



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