Are you a Master Manifester?

Within most organisations you’ll find a beautifully crafted vision, a statement of what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it. Many individuals with a taste for personal development will know that setting goals is vital to achieving success. Before you start out on any journey you need to know your destination, where you are going, otherwise you’ll arrive somewhere else through a series of random accidents. Most of us understand the rationale and importance for setting goals and having clarity around having a personal vision for your life.

There is a delicious truth that has fascinated physicists for years. From a quantum mechanics perspective, every single possibility that you have ever thought about and every possibility that you have not thought about is out there waiting for you or someone else to call it into being. Everything you desire is being held in an invisible field of possibilities waiting for your attention.

When you focus your intention clearly on that which you desire and you intensify your emotions then you become a master manifester. We are all manifesting and creating a physical expression of our thoughts all of the time. Most of us do this without any conscious volition. Your thoughts are literally changing the universe on a particle by particle basis. Your life is the sum of everything you have thought and felt and focused upon over the years. You are manifesting your thoughts all of the time and that includes the negative thoughts that you don’t even realise that you had been thinking.

Pharmaceutical companies have acknowledged The Placebo Effect for years as being a significant factor in the efficacy of good health. If you believe something will make you well then it usually does. The strength of your belief and the intensity of the focus on feeling well (rather than feeling sick) are a potent formula for leveraging intention.

Religious institutions share the belief that prayer has the power to heal and the power to support an individual. Prayer in its simplest form is asking a greater power than yourself to give you that which you desire. If you are genuine in the way you ask and have faith that your request will be satisfied then you will manifest it. This focused intent is the basis of all types of prayer in all types of different institutions. Voodoo does the same thing but instead of using the power of focused intent in a good way, it uses it with intent to inflict harm to others.

The reason that many people are not aware of the gift that they possess and can use freely is that we often manifest that which we are trying to avoid. We seem to manifest problems, issues, negativity and all the crap that is the exact opposite to what we really want. This is because we are either; not thinking mindfully about the thoughts we are thinking and subsequently projecting into our outer reality. Or we are simply paying lip service to what we want but are really feeling that “ this will never happen”, “I’m not worthy of this”, or that we are too desperate, too full of fear to attract what we say we want. The emotion that sits behind what you desire is critical to the manifestation process. If you try to manifest with a commitment of 50% then you’ll never get what you want. This is one technique that has to be used with a 100% commitment.

Here are some vital tips to help you in the art of manifesting everything you desire:

  • Be clear about what you want and fully understand why you want it.
  • Imagine how you will feel having this – your emotions and feelings are really significant in leveraging this process.
  • Speak your intention out loud and express it in the form that starts with “I am” or “I have”.
  • Avoid the words ‘want’ or ‘desire’. For example “I want …….” In this instance you will manifest a ‘wanting’ rather than a ‘having’.
  • Once you’ve expressed your intention, allow it to percolate into your subconscious mind. Your intention is like a seed. If you keep digging it up to have a look at it you’ll keep stunting its ability to take root and grow. So step away from the seed and stop thinking about it. Give it the space and time to gather strength and momentum.
  • When you receive what you’ve asked for be grateful and express your thanks to the Universe.

Within the context of an organisation, there is a big focus on results, goals and key milestones. Why then is the art of manifesting what you want not taught as part of the leadership development curriculum?




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