The Charisma Connection Pathway
Discover the future of leadership and engagement

“Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others.”
Nikki Owen, Founder of The Charisma Connection Pathway

According to Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne, Charismatic leaders are 68% more effective and build high levels of engagement. Nikki Owen, Founder of The Charisma Connection has devoted over two decades to the study of charisma and believes that it cannot be taught from a behavioural perspective.

Using tools, processes and techniques that are at the forefront of leadership development, Nikki Owen enables individuals to reconnect with the charisma that is innate within all of us.

The Charisma Connection pathway is a modular leadership development programme designed to create powerful behavioural change in the workplace.

“WOW! Something completely different. Pushes you to engage in new experiences.”
Martin King, Head of Relationship Management, RBS

This high impact programme for Leaders, Talent and High Potentials is designed to activate authentic charisma to improve impact, influence and personal presence. Attendees improve their leadership performance and find it easier to engage others, improve teamwork and inspire a collaborative culture.

The Charisma Model is the overarching process throughout the programme and is based on neuroscience to gently retrain the brain for greater emotional intelligence.

“Rated as our highest leadership development intervention – life changing.”
Terri Bailey, HR Director, Virgin Holidays

Learning transfer

Harvard Business Review looked at why leadership development training fails based on 30 years of training effectiveness research. The challenge is how to take that which is taught and ensure that training becomes ‘operationalised’ into the workplace.

The Charisma Connection pathway is aligned with The 70-20-10 Model and uses a cloud-based software platform that wraps charismatic development into relevant tasks and activities over an extended time. As the platform guides the leader through the pathway they are supported by regular mentoring that can be delivered from the organisation’s internal resources or externally.

“Highly recommended to any organisation with a forward thinking leadership agenda.”
Jenifer Richmond, Group HR Director, National Express

Measurement and reporting

The Charisma Connection Learning Pathway includes a number of tools that measures training effectiveness:

• Team Behavioural Feedback
• Charisma Perception Tool
• Actions the leader has stopped, continued and started
• Reports showing results by individual/cohort/organisation
• Feedback from mentors

Accredited Partners

Our team of accredited partners have undergone over 70 hours of training and accreditation to ensure that The Charisma Model Pathway is delivered to the highest standards of performance excellence. They each bring their own authentic style and expertise to this programme and have proven experience in:
• Leadership development
• Emotional intelligence
• Engagement and motivation
• Presence, impact and charisma

Seeking early adopters

After 9 years of piloting and evaluating each aspect of The Charisma Connection Pathway we are seeking organisations who are curious and open about implementing our complete solution. If you have a forward thinking leadership agenda or want to implement a high impact development solution for your Talent we would love to work with you.





For more information please contact Lorraine Foley



“Stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking.”
Stuart Lowry, Business Unit Director (Multi-National Banking Group – EMEA) at GP Strategies Ltd

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