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Wow! Completely different, fun, challenging, thought-provoking, pushes you to engage in new experiences and leaves you to reflect on how you interact with and impact upon others.

Martin King, Head of Relationship Management, RBS

I would highly recommend to any organisation who has a forward thinking leadership agenda.

Jenifer Richmond, Group HR Director, National Express

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Why is winning at any cost more important than the good of the country?
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Be kind about the vast array of your emotions - they are eager to support you on your journey through life.
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What is your body trying to tell you?
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When we feel safe and are brave enough to dismantle our walls, we can reconnect to who we truly are inside.
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Faced with the possibility of losing the contents of my suitcase, I began missing what I had.
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Let our love flow freely and hope that a drop may find its way into the hearts of these three country leaders.
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One ‘rotten’ or ‘negative’ thought can contaminate others.
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Charisma - a powerful presence that affords the individual who possesses it high levels of impact and influence.
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