Authentically charismatic leaders outperform their non-charismatic peers by an average of 60%, (CBI 2014). Nikki Owen has dedicated over 30 years to the study of authentic charisma. Full Potential Group have worked collaboratively with Owen’s methodology to create a range of high impact leadership development solutions.
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I would highly recommend to any organisation who has a forward thinking leadership agenda.

Jenifer Richmond, Group HR Director, National Express

Wow! Completely different, fun, challenging, thought-provoking, pushes you to engage in new experiences and leaves you to reflect on how you interact with and impact upon others.

Martin King, Head of Relationship Management, RBS

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Colors Accomplish Bravery Achieve Brave Conquer

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You can’t teach charisma with a generic set of behaviours or techniques because you muddy the waters of…

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Why Charisma Brings Light into Organisational Shadows

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See how the truth of what we hold in our heart is projected into our external world.
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What is the colour of your true authentic self?
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Unlock the Leader that you have always wanted to be.
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Feel the earth beneath your feet to obtain your daily grounding.
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When you show the full spectrum of who you are you inspire others to do the same. #CharismaConnection
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When our light no longer shines brightly we unwittingly bring darkness into our organisation, unaware of the impact…
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When you feel comfortable in your own skin you will possess more of your own compelling charisma.
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Your life right now is the sum of what you have believed in your past.
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