Charisma is an authentic power that captures
the hearts and minds of others. In 2014 the CBI confirmed that charismatic leaders out perform
their non-charismatic peers by an average of 60%.

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Wow! Completely different, fun, challenging, thought-provoking, pushes you to engage in new experiences and leaves you to reflect on how you interact with and impact upon others.

Martin King, Head of Relationship Management, RBS

I would highly recommend to any organisation who has a forward thinking leadership agenda.

Jenifer Richmond, Group HR Director, National Express

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You don’t have to shout or show off to be charismatic - join me at our FREE experiential afternoon to find out more.
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Come and find out more about the link between charisma and energy and join me at our FREE experiential afternoon.
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Charisma and vulnerability walk hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.
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Connecting with your own innate charisma is only possible when you let down your walls. #CharismaConnection
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Charisma - we are all born with it but do we know how to use it? #CharismaConnection
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When you place a charismatic leader into the heart of an organisation it's like throwing a pebble into a pond.
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Develop your Business Leaders charismatic potential. #CharismaConnection
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Could your Leaders benefit from learning the tools and processes that will boost staff engagement?
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